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Social Media

TikTok Shares

TikTok's algorithms analyze all types of interaction with content to decide whether to promote the video as a recommendation. The number of TikTok shares is an important criterion for the video popularity. This provides other users with a kind of "social proof". TikTok's likes and followers no doubt play an important role in TikTok marketing but if you want everything to be completed don't forget to buy TikTok shares or reposts.

Sharing your content by your own forces - is not the worst idea, but it takes some time. Time - is money, and we will help you get a decent result without wasting your precious time. Buying TikTok shares will help to solve the problem more quickly and productively.

Why do I need reposting on TikTok? This is one of the fastest ways to mass distribute content to tens of thousands of users to promote a personal profile or company one. When people share the TikTok content with their friends, the level of trust and loyalty of the latter to the publication is many times higher. They are more likely to put likes and write comments. Even advertising does not work like this.

Video recommendations obey complex algorithms - it shows only certain videos to users. The more activity as reposts/shares, likes and comments your TikTok content has, the higher it is in the list of recommendations.